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Appliances Delivered

The integration of stock with sales has been a game changer in the way we run Appliances Delivered and ensure fulfilment to deliver an optimum customer experience

Dublin-based Market Leader Accelerates Growth with Pegasus Opera 3 Enterprise Solution

About Appliances Delivered

Established in 2016 and based in Dublin, Appliances Delivered is a Dublin-based appliances e-tailer. With a range comprising electrical appliances including televisions and technology; kitchen and personal care products; and most recently, electric bicycles, the company exists to make the process of buying appliances easy, affordable and fast. With
26 employees Appliances Delivered is Ireland’s market leader.

A subsidiary of Dublin-based radio business Communicorp Media, which operates radio stations including Newstalk, Today FM, Spin and 98FM, Appliances Delivered was launched to address a gap in the Irish market.

Branching out

As a startup, Appliances Delivered required an integrated, enterprise system which would support all business processes, including financials, inventory and supply chain, order processing and reporting. At the same time, the solution needed to be able to report key data and financials into its parent company in an efficient, accurate way.

Partners in design

Its parent company, Communicorp Media, was already using Opera 3 via Pegasus Ireland. However extending the solution to support the appliance leader was simply not an option as Appliances Delivered’s requirements were worlds away from those of broadcasting.

Not only did the business model require a completely different chart of accounts and more in-depth reporting capabilities, but the system needed to be able to handle large volumes of orders, inventory management and support an e-tailing model.

Following a review of the market, Opera 3 with Pegasus XRL Reporting was selected based on its strong fit, the fact that it was already installed within Communicorp Media, and the consultancy partnership approach which Pegasus Ireland brought to the table.

Working in partnership with Appliances Delivered, the team at Pegasus Ireland embarked upon an evaluation of the capabilities of the software in order to design a solution which would support the goals of the business.

Specific challenges within this process included integrating the website with the back office in order to seamlessly process around 4000 transactions per month. Sales had to be imported into Opera 3 for efficient, paperless invoicing, and stock levels monitored in a live environment to guarantee that customer orders could be met against strict delivery windows.

Game changing capabilities

Now in its third year, the solution supports all of Appliances Delivered’s processes, integrating stock with sales to ensure seamless operations. Opera 3 facilitates tight process control, providing live visibility of stock to ensure that purchase orders and invoices can only be raised when stock availability is confirmed.

“The integration of stock with sales has been a game changer in the way we run Appliances Delivered and ensure fulfilment to deliver an optimum customer experience,” comments Joe Dempsey, Group Finance Director, Communicorp Media. “The value of ensuring consistency in fulfilment can’t be underestimated, as meeting customer expectations and building trust really is the currency that new businesses live or die by.

“Pegasus XRL Reporting is particularly valuable as we are able to create detailed reports according to brand, category, month or customer, allowing intelligence to be applied to enhance forecasting. In just a few clicks we can drill down into a specific sale to perform granular analysis.

“Crucially, this reporting allows us to deliver timely, accurate data to our parent company, supporting centralised reporting which is crucial as the group continues to expand,” he


A long term vision

“The level of business consultancy provided by Pegasus Ireland has truly been invaluable to the success of the project. From day one, the team looked not only at our processes, but at the bigger picture, identifying potential bottlenecks and requirements which might require different capabilities at different stages, and what functionality might be needed in the future. They looked at how systems and processes would scale to accommodate growth and made recommendations in the context of a longer term vision,” Joe continues.

Fostering future growth

Going forward, Appliances Delivered plans to work with Pegasus Ireland to ensure the solution continues to support the business as it evolves, including its industry leading 24/7 support for any issues as they arise. In particular, the team is looking to enhance the reporting functionality to support consolidated group accounting.

“Opera 3 has been crucial to the launch of Appliances Delivered, and because it has the capacity to scale as the business grows, we have every confidence that it will continue to represent the backbone of our business going forward,” Joe concludes. “The next phase of our growth strategy will see us expand into new geographies, Northern Ireland specifically, and the level of business agility facilitated by the solution will allows us to achieve this easily from a process point of view. Additionally, if we choose to expand our product range, add new categories or introduce up and coming brands, these can be added onto the system as easily as creating a new user. In turn this means we can focus our energies into identifying new opportunities instead of growing our IT footprint.

“In my view, the most important attribute of Opera 3 is the agility it affords us. More often than not, legacy software can restrict the pace of change within dynamic markets, but with Opera 3 we have the infrastructure to pursue new avenues against the timeframes we choose, not the system.”