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Contract Cleaning & Facilities Ltd

The Cloud and Opera 3 Case Study

Contract Cleaning & Facilities (CCF), a Crawley-based provider of commercial cleaning services, are using Pegasus Opera 3 on Pegasus Business Cloud with Financials, Supply Chain Management, Payroll & HR and Pegasus XRL reporting.

Using Opera 3 in the cloud is helping CCF to lower overheads and total cost of ownership, reduce the risk associated with running their own servers, and facilitate greater flexibility. Pegasus XRL reporting will also improve decision-making by harnessing information and presenting it in the familiar environment of Microsoft Excel in real time.

Having worked with Opera 3 for many years, Contract Cleaning & Facilities moved to Pegasus Business Cloud to take advantage of the associated cost savings and reduced risk. As part of the move, CCF also deployed Opera 3 CRM to replace a legacy system which the company had outgrown.

David King, Managing Director of Contract Cleaning & Facilities comments,
“As a services business, we are incredibly customer-focused and in order to maintain that focus, we rely on systems to manage all of our processes efficiently and effectively. Adopting Opera 3 in the cloud has been really straightforward thanks to Pegasus and the team at our Pegasus Partner, Intsys. Opera 3 in the Cloud is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Having it as our core business system essentially means that we can devote even more time to our customers as we no longer have to worry about servers going down, managing upgrades or maintenance; that’s all taken care of for us, therefore representing a win-win all round.”