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In order to give you the opportunity to experience our solutions in action, Pegasus and our Partners run a full programme of events: Financials, CRM, Supply Chain Management, Payroll & HR, Document Management, Construction and Manufacturing.

Please note that Pegasus webinars are sales webinars showing the features and benefits of the module or solution. They’re not training sessions of the application or solution being demonstrated and as such, they’re not recommended for existing users.

If you require training on any module or solution, then please contact your Pegasus Partner.

See Pegasus solutions in action at a time that suits you. Recorded by Pegasus Product Specialists, you will have a 30 minute overview of the solution and how it will benefit your business.


Upcoming Events

   Event    Location    Date    Partner
Great British Expo - Bristol Bristol 28/11/2019    More
Great British Expo - Manchester Manchester 20/11/2019    More
IT Showcase Birmingham Edgbaston, Birmingham 19/11/2019    More
IT Showcase Manchester Old Trafford 04/12/2019    More