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Software: Pegasus Business Cloud

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Why Pegasus Business Cloud?

When you move to Opera 3 on Pegasus Business Cloud, you have access to a complete ERP business solution online, at any time, from anywhere. It’s simple to install and use and offers a way to modernise your business very quickly, easily and cost effectively.

With Opera 3 on Pegasus Business Cloud, you can rest assured that your financial and business operations will run smoothly without the added cost of purchasing or maintaining network hardware, software or data storage. These all become part of a service that you can pay for on a monthly basis from only £79 per user*.

"Opera 3 in the Cloud is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Having it as our core business system essentially means that we can devote even more time to our customers as we no longer have to worry about servers going down, managing upgrades or maintenance; that’s all taken care of for us, therefore representing a win-win all round.”

David King, Contract Cleaning and Facilities

  • Benefits

    • Reduce your total cost of ownership: There’s no need to upgrade your hardware or IT infrastructure and no local servers are required.
    • Security and reliability 24/7: Data is UK-hosted in an ISO 27001 secure data centre with backups to a second UK-based data centre.
    • Pay monthly with no up-front cost: No large capital investment is required, just a monthly operational payment.
    • Share information across your business: With your software hosted in the cloud you have access to your business data at any time from anywhere, which means you can query and report on this data on a range of devices. Ideal for a mobile workforce.
    • Fast implementation: You’ll be up and running quickly with support from your local Pegasus Partner.
    • Integration with Microsoft Office: Microsoft Office 2013 is included as standard so you’ll get Outlook, Word and Excel running in the cloud.
    • Flexibility to grow: Opera 3 is scalable so new users and applications can be can be added quickly and easily to support business growth.

    Why Cloud?

    Why cloud uptake is inevitable

    Although the debate of “Cloud vs On-premises” may continue, the cloud will not fade away since many small companies, large businesses and government bodies are already moving workload and processes over to the cloud.

    The Millennials generation has grown up as users of portable devices are used to to accessing information instantly and now expect this in the workplace, with workflows and processes on which to make judgements and decisions.

    If you’re just not on board or convinced about the cloud being here to stay, here are a few reasons why we think it is.

    A mobile workforce

    As companies continue to seek value for money, ‘hot desking’ has become more popular. Office space is costly to build or hire, so businesses are increasingly looking at ways to economise on this expense.

    Staff who work from home or who are out on the road have become the norm, and they need and demand access to company resources from wherever they are and at all hours; the cloud makes resources accessible, affordable and easy to use via portable devices from any location with an internet connection.

    If you don’t, your competition will

    Early adopters of the cloud know how easy and quick it is to scale up their IT requirements as the business grows, thus enabling them to get new products to market quicker. They don’t just avoid capital costs but also delays in decision-making when it comes to replacing legacy systems to increase productivity.

    To get ahead of the competition, sales staff need instant access to information when meeting potential clients, especially when bidding for contracts. Likewise managers need access to analytics and statistical information in order to help make better decisions.

    It is increasingly required by governing bodies

    Government departments, agencies and public bodies are moving processes to the Cloud and requiring businesses to submit data and information via online portals. Industries regulated by government bodies could very soon be obligated to accommodate these platforms.

  • What our customers say

    Contract Cleaning & Facilities

    Contract Cleaning & Facilities moved to the cloud version of Opera 3 in order to capitalise on cost savings and reduced risk


    GRA uses Opera 3 in the cloud to help the company to improve profitability and boost competitiveness.

  • Pegasus Business Cloud

    By moving to Pegasus Business Cloud, you can access a complete business solution online, at the office or on mobile devices, anytime, anywhere.

Downloads Available

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