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Opera 3 SQL SE

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Reasons to upgrade to Opera 3 SE SQL   Download PDF
Opera 3 SE SQL Brochure   Download PDF
Opera 3 SE SQL Financials Datasheet   Download PDF
Opera 3 SE SQL XRL Datasheet   Download PDF
Opera 3 SE SQL Supply Chain Management Datasheet   Download PDF
Opera 3 SE SQL Payroll Datasheet   Download PDF

Leaving the European Union

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The Border with the European Union - Importing and Exporting Goods   Download PDF
Preparing for the Future   Download PDF
Leaving the European Union - Postponed VAT in Opera 3   Download PDF
Conforming to the New Rules and Requirements   Download PDF

The Cloud

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Business guide: How safe is your data in the Cloud?   Download PDF
Delaying the Move to the Cloud: 5 Risks to your Business   Download PDF
Before you Convert to the Cloud: 5 tips   Download PDF
Cost savings from cloud-based Payroll & HR   Download PDF
The agility game: Why do financial directors need to adopt the cloud?   Download PDF
NEW: Pegasus Business Cloud Brochure   Download PDF


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Opera 3: Improving the way you work brochure   Download PDF
White paper: Credit Management   Download PDF
White paper: An FD's Guide to Supply Chain Management   Download PDF
White paper: CRM for SME's. An FD's Guide   Download PDF
White paper: SatNav for SMEs   Download PDF
White paper: Hitting the Suite Spot   Download PDF
White paper: The SME FD's Guide to Document Management   Download PDF
SEPA Guide   Download PDF
Guide to auto enrolment for employers   Download PDF

Opera 3

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Mobile Sales with Pegasus Web Xchange   Download PDF
Pegasus Timesheets   Download PDF
Pegasus Instant Messenger   Download PDF
Email payslips and P60s   Download PDF
Improving the way you work brochure   Download PDF
Upgrade Guide   Download PDF
Opera II to Opera 3: Reasons to upgrade   Download PDF
Salary sacrifice datasheet   Download PDF
Pension Integration datasheet   Download PDF
Pegasus Web Xchange - Payroll Self Service   Download PDF
Payroll & HR   Download PDF
P11D Organiser   Download PDF
Credit Management Centre datasheet   Download PDF
CRM and Service & Helpdesk Management   Download PDF
Service & Helpdesk Management   Download PDF
Fixed Assets   Download PDF
Pegasus XRL   Download PDF
Document Management   Download PDF
Document Management Desktop   Download PDF
CRM   Download PDF
Stocktake   Download PDF
Landed Costs   Download PDF


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Pegasus CIS   Download PDF
Pegasus CIS (4.00) Enhancements Guide   Download PDF


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Operations II   Download PDF

Capital Gold

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Capital Gold   Download PDF