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Tailor your business software solution with Pegasus’ Bespoke Business Software Solutions

Despite the breadth of intuitive functionality Pegasus solutions offer, no “off the shelf” financial and business solution will fit your business requirements exactly.

This is why our solutions have their own development environment which allows authorised Developers to make additions and modifications to allow more bespoke features to be added, according to your individual requirements.

This can include anything from fields and form design, right through to full systems that sit within your Pegasus solution and have the same look and feel, with all the updating and validation of data built in as standard.

Customisation allows the functionality of Pegasus solutions to extend into such areas as:

  • Electrical wholesale
  • Equipment hire
  • Expense management
  • Rapid order and delivery solution
  • Quality management

Our research shows that 80% of our customers have some sort of customisation to their system in order to gain extra functionality or provide enhanced information about their business.

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