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Software: Contract Costing


New technology, new look

and feel, new functionality

Pegasus CIS 5

Did you know that the average construction project suffers 150% cost overruns and completes more than 175% late? Pegasus CIS 5 helps combat this by giving you complete control of your contracts; you’ll deliver projects on time and within budget and transform your profitability at the same time.

“In order to maintain control over resources and costings it is crucial that we closely track everything in order to identify anomalies, and use the insight to inform future projects. Pegasus CIS is incredibly robust and user friendly, and provides a huge amount of value to us as an organisation. No matter how many projects we ask it to manage it copes seamlessly, and through having access to detailed, up to date information across the board we can act upon red flags and forecast more accurately .”

James Smith, GMI Construction

  • What is Pegasus CIS 5?

    Pegasus CIS 5 is a complete rewrite of the Pegasus Construction Industry Solutions product that was first release in 2005. Rewritten using the latest technologies, Pegasus CIS 5 delivers added power, security, reliability and a host of new features and functionality to help you manage your projects even more efficiently. 

    Pegasus CIS 5 provides complete control over all aspects of contracts management, from costing and timesheets through to payment applications, VAT invoicing and cash receipt matching. It is fully integrated with the Sales, Purchase and Nominal Ledgers, Cashbook and Payroll in Opera 3.

    What do you get?

    Unrivalled interface:

    Enhanced information retrieval capability, customisable screen layouts, easy-to-use workstation and multiple tabs for simplicity.

    Powerful reporting capabilities:

    New reporting functionality takes your reporting to the next level, giving you real-time information on all your projects at the click of a button to help you make faster, smarter decisions. With Pegasus CIS 5 you'll get integrated Crystal Reports©, on-screen reporting, integrated dashboards and Microsoft Excel© integration. COMING SOON: Dashboard Designer which allows you to edit existing dashboards to suit your projects.

    Sales and aged debtors dashboard
    Personalised subcontractors dashboard

    CIS 5 also includes over 100 NEW enhancements! Full details of these can be found in the enhancement guide below.

  • Contract Costing

    • Phases
    • Job heads
    • Cost and revenue transactions
    • Committed costs
    • Actual/budget variance
    • CVR reporting

    Contract Purchasing

    • Bill of requirements
    • Purchase orders
    • Goods received notes
    • Purchase invoice register
    • Committed costs
    Contract purchasing

    Plant Hire

    • Internal and external plant hire
    • On hire/off hire
    • Plant returns
    • Overdue plant
    • Transfer plant between jobs

    Linked Integration

    The following diagram details the main data flow between Pegasus CIS and Opera 3. It is also possible to integrate Pegasus CIS into market-leading accounting solutions including Sage 50, Sage 200 and Sage Payroll.

    Linked integration

    Contract Sales

    • Valuations/measurement
    • Payment applications and certificates
    • Invoicing
    • Aged debt
    • Retention
    • Main contractor discount
    • Deferred VAT
    Aged debtors dashboard

    Stock Control

    • Monitor stock levels and movement
    • Allocate and issue stock to jobs

    CIS Subcontractrors

    • Online verification
    • Subcontractor orders
    • Invoices/applications/timesheets
    • Reverse Charge VAT
    • Payment certificates and statements
    • Online CIS300 monthly return
    • Self billing
    • Authenticated VAT receipts
    Subcontractors ledger


    • Timesheet entry/import
    • Posting to payroll
    • On-costs from payroll
    Labour costs
  • CIS 5 pre-recorded webinar

    We are excited to announce the release of Pegasus CIS 5, our contract costing solution. In this webinar we will walk you through the new product so you can see it in action, and get an overview of all the new and improved features.

Downloads Available

CIS 5 brochure Reasons to upgrade to CIS 5 guide Reverse Charge VAT Full enhancement guide