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Container Components Europe

Container Components Europe is a world-leading supplier of rotomoulded plastic lids

Container Components Europe is a world-leading supplier of rotomoulded plastic lids, replacement parts and services for the waste industry. Based in Chesterfield, the company design and manufacture skip lids which are exported throughout the globe, and take pride in supplying high quality products and services to their customers.

Container Components Europe invested in Opera 3 to optimise vital business processes across the organisation. They initially deployed Opera 3 for use by the Accounts team to underpin all finance functions, including payroll and the production of nominal ledgers. Supported by Pegasus Partner Synergy Technology, they are now taking full advantage of Opera 3 and its ability to integrate seamlessly into all other areas by using Opera 3 for ERP, materials handling, stock management and stock control.

By linking Opera 3 directly to their CRM system, Container Components Europe can analyse data via both systems, keeping both internal stock management systems and accounts up-to-date with client and supplier contact data. This integration also enables them to easily pinpoint customer trends due to the ability to directly and automatically compare and contrast the information contained in both systems.

“We’ve experienced no downtime. Opera 3 does just about everything we need it to do, so much so that it’s practically running our entire business, allowing us to focus on maintaining our competitive advantage and sustaining our position as the market-leader in our field,” explains Nick Blythe, financial director at Container Components Europe. “If I'm called up to produce a report needed quickly for an unscheduled Directors’ meeting, I have the confidence I can download the report, then adapt the data in Excel to prepare a professional and well-presented report that fits the Directors’ requirements,” he adds.

“Synergy Technology have helped us right from the start with our IT systems and applications, by offering a total business solution” he continues. “Drawing from their professional experience, they know when it's the right time to advise us to review, invest or upgrade, and this thankfully releases my colleagues and me from the minefield of having to check and manage ‘updates’ across our IT systems.”