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Case Studies

Image for St Christopher’s School

St Christopher’s School

Specialist independent school St Christopher’s has improved business processes as a result of using Opera 3.

Specialist independent school St Christopher’s has improved business processes as a result of using Opera 3. The Bristol based school which provides specialist education, care and therapy for children with severe and complex learning difficulties, is using Opera 3 to ensure paperless processes, flexibility and improved customer service.

With 380 employees, St Christopher’s School relies upon Opera 3 to manage its business processes in the most efficient way possible. This allows the school to focus on supporting the schools’ ethos which is to nurture and support the development of the children and young people it educates and cares for, using a multi-disciplinary approach. Having visibility of all of its business processes in one place means that information can be sourced and shared easily, reports can be produced at a moment’s notice and customer communication is much improved. The payroll application streamlined the real time information reporting to HMRC, giving the school peace of mind.

“Supported by Pegasus’ Partner AMA, Opera 3 represents the backbone of our organisation and enables us to focus on delivering against our core principles safe in the knowledge that the business processes are being looked after,” comments Lorraine Sanderson, Accounts Senior, St Christopher’s School. “We now use all of the modules within Opera 3 and find it exceptionally easy to use. This in turn saves a huge amount of time and means that the running of the business is seamless. In fact, when it came to switching to HMRC’s recent RTI framework we were a little apprehensive about what was involved, but through using Opera 3 and working with AMA it went like a dream.”