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Product Demos


Timesheets on Pegasus Web Xchange

Online Timesheets

For employees who have to submit timesheets and Payroll departments that have to process them, the Timesheets service is an invaluable addition on Pegasus Web Xchange which will simplify and speed up the process for everyone.

Timesheets work seamlessly with Opera 3 Payroll, and employees don’t have to be Opera 3 users. Employees can create, record and submit a timesheet whether they are at home, at work or out on the road.* They simply enter one or more activities (task and a shift) and submit the timesheet for manager approval.

Agile project management: track, monitor and manage efficiency

Managers gain greater control and visibility of employees’ time, as they approve or reject timesheet submission. With rejected timesheets, notes can be added to help employees understand why their timesheet was not approved.

Project Managers can track and monitor time by creating projects and associated tasks. Employees can record their hours worked which can be analysed by project, task type, date and worker. The information can be exported to a .CSV file for further analysis, providing a useful management tool.

Efficiency is further enhanced by the ability to spot trends and/or potential issues thus providing new insights into the business especially the cost of labour used on each project.

Payroll and HR staff are freed up from entering data and their time is used for strategic projects resulting in better results and greater cost efficiency all around.

Watch the product demo below to see Pegasus Timesheets in action.