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Online Buying 

Now available with AP Automation

Organisations are buying more online, but this is occurring as a disconnected and uncontrolled activity which generates additional work for accounts payable teams to process, such as expense claims, corporate credit cards reconciliations, locating invoices and determining who bought what and why for nominal ledger coding. Not to mention the associated invoice approval processes. 

Say goodbye to unnecessary time wasted on these manual tasks thanks to Online Buying, the newest addition to the AP Automation range. Online Buying gives you complete visibility and control over spend before it takes place and is invaluable for managing all your non-stock spend.


Complete visibility over indirect spend before it occurs.

Greater Control

Gives finance departments greater control over spending.

Time Saving

Save valuable time on tasks such as corporate credit card reconciliation and expense claims.

  • Overview

    Did you know 76% of suppliers will drop offline catalogues by 2025? The future is Online Buying!

    The Online Buying feature available with AP Automation in Opera 3 SE provides complete visibility over indirect spend before it takes place, helping budget holders maximise budgets by reducing unnecessary spend before it occurs, putting finance departments in total control. 

    This tool integrates with almost any website including Amazon Business and a growing number of global suppliers. 

    How it works

    Online Buying Flow Chart

    Why combine AP Automation and Online Buying?

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  • Benefits of Online Buying

    • Optimum buying experience at low cost
    • Finance departments are given complete control
    • Digital end-to-end process of requisition, PO, receipting, invoice capture and approval. integrated with any supplier website.
    • Visibility and control of indirect spend before orders are placed.
    • Guaranteed invoice and PO matching with 2-and 3-way matching.
    • Automated ledger coding and approval workflow.
    • Approval workflow email notifications pre-order from any device.
    • Pay less for what you already buy.
    • Quick access to previous purchases to see what you have bought, and prices paid historically.

    Supplier integration

    The Online Buying feature integrates with any supplier website, including all your well known favourites. 

    Our close working relationship with Amazon Business has delivered integration for the ultimate integrated buying and accounting experience. 

    The buyer simply logs directly into the Amazon Business website and buys in the normal way. On purchase, the order is suspended and dropped into Opera 3 SE for ledger coding and approval. On final approval the order is released for fulfilment. The invoice is automatically captured, matched, and sent for approval, and on final approval posted to Opera 3 SE.

  • Online Buying

    Online Buying is the latest product to join the AP Automation range with Opera 3 SE. Online Buying gives finance teams greater visibility and control over indirect spend before it occurs to help make smarter budgeting decisions. 

Downloads Available

AP Automation and Online Buying Datasheet AP Automation and Online Buying Whitepaper