Become a Development Partner

Information for Prospective Development Partners

Pegasus solutions are solidly established in the SME market. Today more than ever Pegasus offers much more than an accounting system, by simplifying and streamlining a number of essential business processes.

What Pegasus offers

Our ever-expanding customer base means that the Solutions Marketplace Programme will offer you an abundance of profitable business opportunities to provide bespoke solutions and system customisation. Our research suggests that 80% of Pegasus customers have some customisation in place.

Pegasus is committed to giving you the assistance you need, offering sales, marketing and technical support. Our team is geared towards helping you maximise business opportunities; we work closely with you and your staff to ensure that Pegasus solutions are a winning proposition for all concerned.

In addition to being able to draw on the resources of Pegasus staff, our secure website means that software downloads, reference information and troubleshooting advice are never more than a mouse click away. A dedicated area of our Partner website is exclusive to Pegasus Development Partners and ensures help is available to you 365 days a year.

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to sell products that complement Pegasus solutions. Pegasus offers Development Partners the following benefits:
To become a Pegasus Development Partner, you must be able to demonstrate core Visual FoxPro skills and provide a business plan in support of your application. Further requirements also apply in order to ensure ongoing accreditation.
If you would like to apply to become a Pegasus Development Partner, download the Solutions Marketplace Accreditation Agreement and complete the application form. To download the agreement, Click Here.

Sales and marketing support

  • Promotion of your products to accredited Pegasus Partners via the Solutions Marketplace Directory on our secure Pegasus Partner website
  • Promotion of your products on the Pegasus corporate website via the Solutions Marketplace Directory where prospective customers can search for a bespoke solution (Premier Development Partners only)
  • Access to the Marketing Department at Pegasus for advice and assistance on design and production of marketing collateral.
  • Use of Solutions Marketplace logos

Training and product support

  • Free training course for two Developers
  • Free copy of the Developers’ Integration Tool (DIT)
  • In-house copy of Opera 3, Opera II and Operations II with the Developers’ Integration Tool (DIT) activated
  • Support and advice from the Solutions Marketplace team when developing products to complement Pegasus solutions
  • Access to the Pegasus Partner website, a secure site specifically for the use of Pegasus Partners and Development Partners


How to apply to become a Pegasus Development Partner

If you have any queries regarding membership of the Pegasus Developers’ Programme, please e-mail or call + 44 (0) 1536 495118 .