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Software: Opera 3 SQL SE

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When you are part of a small or medium company,you often have to be creative about getting things done. From VAT returns and chasing debtors to managing inventory and processing customer orders, all the tasks that keep a business operational have to be completed, irrespective of the resources you have available. So you need business management tools that help you do more with less, and are both easy to deploy and easy to use, from Financials and Supply Chain to Payroll and Costing.

Opera 3 SQL SE is a solution for small and medium companies, with the power to help them aim much higher. It’s designed to make managing your business simpler and dramatically more efficient. We have designed it with the everyday business needs in mind and it’s built on powerful Microsoft technologies taking its efficiency and security to another level. SE also supports MS SQL Server Express so you have the option of both Express and full SQL Server.

Pegasus has been providing intelligent, powerful and user-friendly business solutions for over 35 years. In that time, tens of thousands of businesses have trusted our innovative software solutions to manage their operations more efficiently so they can focus on what matters most: growing their businesses.

Downloads Available

Opera 3 SQL SE brochure Opera 3 SQL SE Financials datasheet Opera 3 SQL SE Supply Chain Management datasheet Opera 3 SQL SE Payroll/HR datasheet Opera 3 SE XRL datasheet Reasons to Upgrade to Opera 3 SQL SE Opera 3 SQL SE Bill of Materials datasheet Opera 3 SQL SE Costing datasheet