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Software: Auto enrolment

  • Opera 3 Payroll

    • Opera 3 Payroll caters for auto enrolment as standard
    • It integrates with NEST Pensions and NOW: Pensions so you can send contributions and information to either pension scheme electronically
    • It’s HMRC RTI and PAYE recognised for extra peace of mind
    • It can be fully integrated with other Opera 3 applications, eliminating the need to run separate systems. Alternatively it can be purchased as a stand alone solution
    • Add employees and companies at no extra cost, ideal for growing businesses
  • Auto Enrolment

    Opera 3 handles Work Place Pensions Reform (WPR):

    • The use of auto enrolment processing is optional.
    • Statutory Pensions Regulator auto enrolment settings allows the various earnings thresholds for auto enrolment to be specified.
    • Employer specific auto enrolment details can be stored, such staging dates
    • It is possible to define which Payment Profiles are to be included within the assessment of earnings for auto enrolment
    • Employers can define auto enrolment attributes at pension scheme level; for example: indicating whether the scheme should be used for auto enrolment or not
    • A global auto enrolment updates process allows employers to, for example, auto enrol multiple employees at the same time. The new process will also allow the employer to perform various other general auto enrolment related updates on a global basis such as postponing a group of employees from auto enrolment.
    • Employers can maintain auto enrolment details at an individual employee level; this includes the ability to auto enrol at an individual employee level. In addition auto enrolment options are available when a new employee is created (ie as an extension to the existing new starter process) to allow for immediate auto enrolment of a new starter
    • The calculation process performs auto enrolment earnings assessments (for example: establishing whether the employee is an eligible jobholder, non-eligible jobholder or an entitled worker). The calculation process will also perform various associated validations; for example: if an employee is assessed as having become an eligible jobholder this period, but the employee has not yet been auto enrolled.
    • Various auto enrolment reports show you information including the number of employees that have been auto enrolled to date and total pension scheme contributions

    As an employer, you’ll also be able to:

    • Define employees who are to have a period of postponement applied to them, including the type of postponement to be applied, and how long the postponement will last
    • Define employees who wish to opt-out, opt-in, join or cease active membership of a scheme
    • Define employees who fall outside of auto enrolment, such as those already in a qualifying pension scheme
  • Implementing Auto Enrolment in Opera II and Opera 3

    Join our Product Specialist for a 30 minute overview of how to implementing auto enrolment in Opera II and Opera 3. See how using XRL could help you create your auto enrolment letters swiftly, and how to create contribution export files for both NEST and NOW: Pensions.

    Introducing Auto Enrolment: Pre-Recorded Webinar

    Join our Product Specialist for a 30 minute introduction to Auto Enrolment and the steps you need to take to assess your workforce; and to enrol those workers into a qualifying pension scheme.

Downloads Available

Auto enrolment guide for employers Employers 10 step guide