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Software: Pegasus P11D Organiser

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Would you like to improve the way you manage expenses and benefits? Pegasus P11D Organiser is a complete expenses and benefits management system which is simple and easy-to-use. It’s efficient, minimises mistakes, reduces storage space and saves costs on paper, postage and printing.

From only £137.50 + VAT

  • Overview

    There are many benefits when using the P11D Organiser to submit your benefit returns online. Firstly, it is both secure and convenient. It is much more efficient and reliable than using paper, and can cut down on storage space, postage costs and administration.

    After you have finished entering your P11D information for the year, sending this information online to HMRC is literally as simple as clicking a button. Your information is sent to HMRC servers via the internet and is automatically validated against their business rules for accuracy. Online submissions therefore have the added advantage of minimising the chance of any potential liabilities for submitting incorrect returns when compared with paper submissions because of this validation. Once the submission is accepted, benefit details will be incorporated into employee’s tax codes in much less time than if they were entered manually.


    For those employers that provide company cars to employees, you will be pleased to learn that the P11D Organiser can also be used to produce P46(car) forms automatically. These in-year P46(car) forms of company car changes can also be submitted electronically through the Government Gateway, to ensure your employee’s tax codes are kept as up to date as possible.

  • Overview

    • HMRC Approved P11D, P11D(b) and P46 (car)
    • Automatic calculation and production of P11D forms
    • Includes online Help, Knowledgebase and Search facility
    • Electronic submission to HMRC
    • Multi-company architecture
    • Intelligent Import/Export Wizards for data
    • Calculates extended Class 1A NIC provisions and VAT on fuel scale charges by cost centre and period
    • Archives data and rolls forward across tax years
    • Advanced Sort and Find capabilities
    • Batch allocation of common benefits and expenses
    • Easy capture of business and private mileage
    • High quality employee benefit statements
    • On-screen adjustments/year-round usability
    • Processes claims for business mileage
    • Benefit alignment wizards for starters and leavers
    • MS Outlook & Office 365 of Google’s GSuite compatible email capability for reports
    • MS Outlook compatible email capability for reports
    • MS Office compatible for labels and mail merge
    • HMRC PAYE Recognition
    • Secure and password-protected
    • Integration with Opera 3 and Capital Gold Payroll or can be used stand-alone

Downloads Available

P11D Datasheet